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Gorilla Groups in Uganda, Best Gorilla Family to see

Horwa family, group of gorillas in Rwanda

Gorilla Groups in Uganda, Best Gorilla Family to see

Uganda has ten gorilla groups / families and just 9 are committed to trekking whilst the 1 is primarily for research. These comprise of: Kahungye,  Rushegura, Nshinji, Bitukura, Habinyanja, Mishaya, Mubare, Oruzogo, Nkuringo, and lately the brand-new group known as Busingye. The Kyaguriro gorilla family situated in Ruhija is the one for research.

Mubare Gorilla Family

Family size: Seven members plus 1 silverback

Location: Buhoma

Mubare is actually the most ancient habituated gorilla family within Uganda. this was discovered within the Mubare hills, in the depths of   Bwindi forest, and in 1993 was completely habituated . The family started out with Twelve family members, headed by Ruhondeza as the dominant silverback . Within a few years this group increased to eighteen individuals. Sadly, because of fights with other wild gorilla familie and death of members…

Habinyanja Gorilla Group

Family size: Fifteen members among them 2 silverbacks

Location: Buhoma

In 1999 The Habinyanja family was initially seen by visitors . its name was derived from “Nyanja” a local word for  “water ‘body “. It signifies the swamp within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in which the group was initially seen. Habinyanja is an interesting family with plenty of drama and turmoil. This is certainly because of the power battles in between the two dominant silverbacks as well as fights for the group leadership. The mature females are headed by a smart leader female known as Kisho…read on

Rushegura Gorilla Family

Family size: Nineteen members among them One silverback

Location: Buhoma

The Rushegura gorilla group was formed in 2002, following one of the male silverbacks from Habinyanja group chose to break free. They began with twelve individuals among them five females. The “Habinyanya 2 group” rapidly obtained a brand-new name, which was derived from “Ebishegura” – particular tree specie which was in plenty within the home area of this new family. The Rushegura-group is peaceful. Previously they actually crossed the border to nearby DRC from time to time however always came back to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. They normally are near Buhoma Village and occasionally roam through the verdant gardens of the adjacent lodges.

Bitukura Gorilla Family

Family size: Twelve members among them 4 silverbacks

Location: Ruhija

The Bitukura family was dubbed after a river where this family was initially spotted. The habituation which began in July 2007 was not too difficult since the gorillas were actually frequently met by UWA rangers. Even though the habituation process usually takes at the least 2 yrs, this group would be able to be seen by tourists in just 15 months following the start. The Bitukura is a tranquil family with four silverbacks as well as a number of playful juveniles. These shares an in depth bond and frequently hold ‘group meetings’ or ‘get-togethers’.

Nkuringo Gorilla Family

Family size: Nineteen members among them two silverbacks

Location: Nkuringo

The Nkuringo family was dubbed after a Rukiga term for “round hill” and was established in 2004. Among the crucial reasons for its habituation were the issues they created to the local communities as they destroyed crops plus other products. Through opening up the gorilla-group for visitors, the neighborhood could straightaway gain from tourism and also it created a protection to the gorillas too. The group was headed by a silverback – Nkuringo who passed away in 2008, leaving two silverbacks within the group. In the month of November 2008, Nkuringo family broadened on account of the unique birth of twins – Katungi plus Muhozi; although Katungi sadly died at the one and a half years.

Nshongi Gorilla Family

Family size: Thirty six members among them five silverbacks

Location: Nshongi

Nshongi is actually the biggest group ever to be habituated and this was formally unveiled in September 2009. The group was named after river Nshongi, near to the location where this gorilla family was initially spotted. Even though the majority of gorilla families normally comprise of Twenty five members with 1 or 2 silverbacks, this particular family is an uncommon excemption. An additional remarkable truth is that this group is headed by Nshongi, who actually is not the oldest silverback within the family.

Note: not too long ago this gorilla group separated into two: the recently formed Mhisaya group having ten individuals and the Nshongi group with Twenty six gorillas.